Clients & Sample Engagements

We co-design consulting engagements to address specific system needs. Below are examples of common client engagement structures to help you think about what an ideal partnership looks like for you.

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Monthly Tailored Advising and Thought Partnership

Start Early consultants provide tailored support structured around twice monthly consultation phone call. Includes subject matter expertise and research on key partner issues, sharing relevant resources and tools, and making connections to peers. This individualized consultation ensures leaders have access to timely expertise and strategic advising that meets their unique needs.
Typical Duration: one year

Policy & Program Design and Implementation Planning

Start Early consultants support leaders to assess need, design responsive policy and standards, and plan for successful implementation. Includes research on effective policy and programs, recommendations or writing of standards, stakeholder engagement to ensure family and provider voice, and creation of implementation plans. Recent examples include: redesign of quality standards, recommendations on professional learning system improvement, plan for use of data for monitoring and improvement.
Typical Duration: 3-6 months

Early Childhood Strategic Plan

In partnership with leaders, Start Early consultants facilitate the creation of a long-term vision and strategic plan for early childhood. Includes systems assessment, plans for facilitation and stakeholder engagement, creation of the strategic plan with meaningful outcomes and metrics, and recommendations for communications and action planning.
Typical Duration: 9-15 months

A Look at Our Clients

Our client partnerships are diverse and representative of a wide range of early childhood systems across the country.

A partial list of our clients includes:

  • Colorado Office of Early Childhood
  • Early Matters San Antonio
  • Kentucky Youth Advocates
  • Jefferson Parish Early Childhood Collaborative
  • Mississippi State Early Childhood Advisory Council


  • Oregon Department of Education
  • Tennessee Department of Education
  • Washington Department of Children, Youth and Families
  • Wisconsin Early Childhood Association