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For families who cannot afford to purchase firewood used for heating, this program networks with local volunteers (as well as out-of-town supporters) to help get firewood to those who need it. The project gives priority to the elderly and single-parent households.

Dallas ISD executive Tonya Sadler Grayson accused of misdemeanor assault

Dallas ISD human resources executive Tonya Sadler Grayson, a controversial figure at the district since she omitted her criminal record on her job application, has been charged with misdemeanor assault for grabbing a long term employee after notifying her that she was fired.

Grayson has been accused of cheap nfl jerseys a Class C assault charge and fined $431. She is accused of grabbing an employee in “an offensive manner” on March 6, according to the Dallas Municipal Court. Donna Blackmon, a longtime administrative assistant to DISD executives, said Grayson grabbed her after issuing her termination letter.

After Blackmon packed up her stuff, she said that Grayson chased her down at the district’s operations building and accused her of stealing Dallas ISD documents.

“I must have have walked 25 to 30 feet away from her. I heard footsteps behind me, and she is screaming and grabbed me. She said, ‘You have something in that folder,'” said Blackmon, who joined DISD in 1979.

The folder contained Blackmon’s mother’s medical records, she said.

“She has tried to tarnish my reputation, and then you humiliate me after I’m terminated,” Blackmon said. “It was embarrassing. I was sick and am still sick with the thought of it. You don’t do that to people.”

Grayson said in a statement that is absolutely no basis in fact to this allegation. was no physical contact between Ms. Blackmon and myself, and there were witnesses to the event, she said. certainly understand that losing your position is very difficult, so I know she was upset. At the same time, I know in my heart that I acted professionally. police spokesman Sgt. Warren Mitchell said that it is typical that the accused and witnesses aren’t interviewed in Class C misdemeanor cases. Police issued Grayson the citation large and referred the case to the Dallas Municipal Court, where Grayson can pay the wholesale nfl jerseys from china $431 fine or contest the charge.

to our SOP [standard operating procedures], there is no formal investigation for this classification of offense. We verify the information and refer it to city court,” cheap jerseys Mitchell said.

Dallas ISD spokesmanJon Dahlander said in a statement Wednesday that interim human resources chief Karry Chapman wholesale jerseys conducted an investigation several weeks ago and found that had acted professionally. said Grayson hasn received the citation yet, and she have the opportunity to contest the citation in municipal court. said she was fired because she was on a performance plan and was told she didn’t meet thegoals.

Wanda Paul, chief operations officer.

For 36 years, Blackmon served as an administrative assistant to more than 12 top administrators. Most recently, she served under chief operations officer Wanda Paul.

Blackmon said that Paul gave her the highest annual evaluation for the 2013 14 school year but started to chastise and criticize her work this school year. Blackmon said that Paul locked her out of accessing and managing her email and calendar, which was part of her job.

Paul didn a request for comment.

Grayson joined Dallas ISD in January 2014 and has been embroiled in controversy ever since. She is an executive director in human resources and has helped leadthe department after personnel chief Carmen Darville resigned in January over disparaging instant messages.

The district’s Internal Audit Department has been investigating the matter since September. The investigation has taken months to complete in part because Grayson refused to meet with investigators for months, according to documents obtained by The News.

In October, Grayson wrote a letter to Superintendent Mike Miles and alleged that trustee Bernadette Nutall harassed her last summer. She wrote she was in “fear coming in close contact with her.”

About that same time, Miles said he received two other complaints against Nutall. He forwarded them to the district’s legal department, which referred the investigation to an outside attorney.Articles Connexes:

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