Current Project

Your Help is Needed !

Please donate or volunteer with your group to repair a home or split and deliver firewood to warm an elderly resident’s home.  Contact us at 768-1720 or

With donations from individuals like you, Rural Mission is able to help underprivileged community members like Daphne restore their homes to their former glory. See the transformation that can be made with a simple donation.

Daphne is a loving mother and grandmother living on Johns Island. Unemployed, Daphne had no hope of repairing her home. The roof was caving in, the electricity and water were none existent and Daphne was out of options.

Then, Rural Mission got involved. With 80+ volunteers from Main Street United Methodist Church in Kernersville, NC and South Church in Andover, Massachusetts, we were able to restore Daphne’s home and make it livable again.

While this is just one success story, there are still hundreds of individuals in need of our help. With your donation, our team at Rural Mission will be able to assist more individuals throughout our community quicker and more effectively.

Please contact us and get involved!

Daphne House – Before #1

Daphne House – Before #2

Daphne House – After #1

Daphne House – After #2