Winter cold brings hardships to many …

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Please help us to winterize heat and repair homes!

The winter cold and rains of 2010-11 have been particularly difficult for many older residents and families with little heat, no money for heating bills and old homes that are drafty, patched together and wet.

$100 will repair a roof, fill up a propane gas tank or insulate and repair around broken windows and doors! Dozens of very low income families and elderly residents need this help now!

Your donation can bring comfort and security on a cold night. This is our most urgent need for this winter period. Please organize a volunteer team among your friends to help repair an elderly person’s home.

Please help the Rural Mission by donating to this serious need today!

Contact the Mission at (843) 768-1720 or by clicking on the Email link at the bottom of this page.

Many old homes have little or no heat!