Testimony: Before Rural Mission

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p>Before I came to rural Mission I played at being a Christian. One day I asked myself — “Linda, did Jesus spend time with the poor?” Of course He did. I than asked myself — “Do you spend your time with the poor?”

If I worshiped Jesus why was I not trying to do as He did? I claimed to be a follower of His but I was not caring for what He cared for most. I was not taking up my own cross. As a “good Christian” I cared about the poor but I did not know the poor. I was living in my own comfortable world.

A paradigm shift happened inside of me when my comfortable world collided with the world of my poor neighbors. I began to see life through a different lens. Still today when I meet my old friends and talk with family members I can see my old self in them. I pray that in time, through the great grace of God, they too will come around. I yearn for them to be blest my a similar revelation. It is rather like being born again collectively and relationally.

The Rural Mission provides an avenue for the rich and poor to meet on Holy ground. What a person wears, drives of lives in has no meaning and only the Holy Spirit exits. It is a place where the snow birds and Low Country herons meet, look each other in the eye and see God’s image.

It is a transforming place. A place of conviction, forgiveness and healing. COME AND SEE!!

Linda Fasig
Staff, Workcamp Program
December 2009