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We have been blessed by the United Methodist Women and their Pastor – Rev. Scarlett Hester of the Surfside United Methodist Church (Anna Marie Marshall, Nancy Yongue; Cindy Fink; Shirley Pendergrass;  Sandy Elliott; Linda Stiwalt; Diane Stiles; Patti Sweeney; Mary Hope Funkhouser; Elaine J. Reid; and Judy Lienemann).  These wonderful women came to visit with us on this past Tuesday, March 6th.  They were given a tour by two volunteers from First United Methodist Church, Greenfield, Massachusetts (the volunteers from this Church have been coming for more than 25 years).    At the end of the tour, they came into the Chapel where our Prayer Warriors were meeting.  We had a most blessed spiritual gathering with our Father, God…. and the Members.  It was so uplifting that we had difficulties trying to get to the Benediction.   They brought gifts for the Sea Island families also.  Once again:  Thank you from the depths of our hearts!  As Mrs. ‘G’ says:  “HALLELUJAH AND PRAISE THE LORD!”  Our doors remains opened at all times.