Rural Mission staff welcomes East Greenwich United Methodist Church

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East Greenwich United Methodist Church
East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Few things are as special as welcoming old friends who have made the Rural Mission a part of their lives and service to Christ for many years. As with so many of the Mission’s faithful volunteer teams, renewing friendships is a special time, shared over hard work, fellowship and good meals. East Greenwich UMC is one such group with a very long history of serving with the Mission.

This year 26 wonderful disciples made the long journey from Rhode Island. They came to bless Mrs. Ladson on Johns Island with a new roof and trim. They did the same for Mr. Benjamin Brown and his wife on Johns Island, including working on floor repairs where rot and water had destroyed the underpinnings of the home. A third group also split and delivered firewood to those needing heat. A wonderful time was had by all. The families they served and got to know will remember these terrific young people and their adult leaders. Missions is a time of friendship and wonderful memories.

You have blessed us again and we will always be in your debt and you in our prayers!

Bring on the wood!

Mrs. Brown let this group know how special they will always be to her!

Mrs. Ladson and her family will stay dry thanks to these terrific roofers!

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