Rural Mission: Challenge 44 – Are you with us?

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Dear Friends,

Rural Mission is currently 44 years old! Throughout those years, we have been providing human services to Sea Island families and migrant farm workers as well as others passing through.

Our whole thrust has been to improve the lifestyle of impoverished families and to make things better for them in so many ways – educational, physical, spiritual, housing and more. Thanks to our labor of love, hundreds of families’ lives have changed – some dramatically, others modestly. But through it all, it has been about touching lives and letting people know someone cares.

ThanksgivingWe have started a fundraising campaign called: “Rural Mission Challenge 44″. To that end, we prayerfully ask you to consider whether you or anyone related to you have been “touched” positively by Rural mission’s services? Has Rural Mission made a difference in your community in any way? Would you want Rural Mission to remain open for possibly another 44 years?

Rural Mission is only able to continue to provide to people in need because of praying people and faith builders people like you.

We humbly encourage you to support our work by making one of the following Rural Mission Challenge 44 choices to share with us financially:

Donate:  $0.44 / $4.40/ $44.00 / $440.00 / $4,400 / $44,000

Or any other amount God puts on your heart – we are grateful for whatever support you can provide. We need your prayers and financial support.  Help us to help others through Rural  Mission Challenge 44.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Linda D. Gadson