New Home Brings Hope and Joy!

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p>On Saturday June 4, Mrs. Gethers and her family welcomed many guests, family, fellow members at Wesley UMC on Johns Island and volunteers who helped to make this new home possible. It was a great celebration thanks to many donations large and small and by the hands and hearts of many volunteers from 16 different states over the past 10 months.

The celebration of praise, song, stories and blessings was enthusiastically led by Pastor Otis Scott of the family’s church, Wesley UMC of Johns Island. Words cannot express their appreciation. The Gethers family has come a long way and are so grateful for this incomparable gift. Their old home had become almost unlivable as several rooms were closed off due to floor and roof damage. The design for the home and technical support were provided by Stubbs, Muldrow and Herrin of Mt. Pleasant. The three bedroom home is energy efficient and includes a large front porch shaded by the large oaks that shade much of this small lot. We are overjoyed that this home can once again become the center and gathering place for this large and gracious family.

Mrs. Gethers will be welcoming and blessing all who cross her threshold and will be spending some time in the rocking chairs on her porch. She hopes that all returning volunteer teams to the Rural Mission who helped during 2010-11 and are again coming to Johns Island this summer will come and visit her and receive her thanks.

The Rural Mission and many dedicated volunteers work hard to repair and rehab from 60 to 70 very low income homes each year to make them safe and livable. The Mission firmly believes that every family’s hope for the future begins in a decent and adequate home that provides security and a safe place to raise a family. One or two new homes are constructed in most years where an old home is too deteriorated to repair or a family home has been lost to a fire with no insurance. Everyone can get involved by contacting the Rural Mission (Email link at bottom of page) or by telephone: (843)768-1720.