Martin Luther King Challenge Brings a New Experience to College of Charleston Students

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The College of Charleston challenges its students each year to give to the community and its residents as a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King. Hundreds of students answer this call to serve, responding to Dr. King’s message to make a difference with their lives and talents. This year’s MLK Challenge on January 18 brought a team of twelve volunteers to the Rural Mission to help make badly needed repairs on an older home on Johns Island. To many of the group, this was eye-opening and far beyond the reality of their daily lives as students. They jumped into this work with enthusiasm and care, wishing to help another in need. They succeeded and they will no doubt remember this experience.

The day was made even more meaningful with a discussion lead by Mr. Abraham “Bill” Jenkins, Vice-Chairman of the Rural Mission Board of Directors and witness to and participant in the civil rights efforts on Johns Island during the 1960’s and 70’s. Mr. Jenkins knew Dr. King and worked with other civil rights leaders to bring change and improvement to Johns Island and other Sea Islands. His father, Esau Jenkins was a contemporary of Dr. King who was instrumental in bringing change and equality to African-American residents in these rural communities. This personal walk through history was greatly appreciated by the students. The struggles of the Sea Island people, both then and now, became much more real and significant to these students. They had an especially meaningful day!

Early Civil Rights history: Esau Jenkins and the Progressive Club