"It is All About Missions!"

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p style=”text-align: left;”>South Carolina United Methodist Women
Columbia, May 17, 2011

Our very special thanks go to all United Methodist Women in the SC Conference who came together this week to celebrate, support and spread their love to the five mission organizations they support in South Carolina — including the Rural Mission! They made a huge difference as five vehicles were fully loaded on the return trip to the Lowcountry with gifts and donated items need by the Rural Mission. If you are a United Methodist, you know that the UMW will make it happen!

The special speaker for the event was Harriett Jane Olsen, Deputy General Secretary of the National Women’s Division. The day was hosted by Trenholm Road UMC in Columbia.

Among those celebrating our relationship with the UMW were Mrs. Jean Doscher of the Rural Mission Board as the SCUMW representative on the Board, and Linda D. Gadson, Rural Mission Executive Director. They warmly thanked the enthusiastic and generous women who make up UMW Districts around the state — as seen in this picture.

Thank you to the South Carolina United Methodist Advocate for this picture.

Mrs. Doscher and Ms. Gadson