Happy Thanksgiving from Pearlstine Distributors!

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Two Decades of Caring about the Needy!

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, as has been their tradition for two decades, Pearlstine Distributors and the Pearlstine and Lipov families came to the Rural Mission to help provide a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner to the needy. This year 275 large gift boxes filled with a complete dinner with all the trimmings and sides were given to very needy families. Many otherwise would have had a bleak Thanksgiving. The entire Pearlstine and Lipov families and their staff spent much of the day celebrating and giving thanks as they helped load these heavy boxes into waiting cars and trucks. This generosity is a wonderful tradition at the Rural Mission and with the Pearlstine family and their staff.

We have much to be thankful for during this special time of year!

Making Thanksgiving more joyous and special!