Blessing the Gethers' Home!

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The big housewarming and blessing ceremony with many of our volunteers and the Gethers family will not take place until May to allow Mrs. Sadie Gethers to fully recover from shoulder surgery. This week, Mrs. Gethers wanted the home blessed by God and a shorter blessing took place in her living room. Rev. Otis Scott of Wesley UMC on Johns Island is the family pastor and he asked for God’s blessings for the home and the family. The family has been living in the home for less than a month with some minor work still to be done. Mrs. Gethers and her daughter Sonja are thankful beyond words to all who have helped complete their home and donated furnishing and items to make it a wonderful home of comfort and joy.

Blessing the Gethers’ Home!

Attending left to right circled around Mrs. Gethers are Anderson Mack, Jr., Linda Fasig, daughter Sonja, Mrs. Linda D. Gadson and Rev. Otis Scott. Thanks be to God!