Appreciation Expressed to Rod Welch and Family!

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Thank you to Rod Welch and his family- pictured with the plaque expressing our appreciation at the entrance to our Volunteer housing- Welch manor. Left to right are Linda Gadson and Welch family members Jerry, Jenny, baby Ruby, Mrs. Anne Welch, Rod and baby Cecilia, Mrs. Harriott Welch and Robin .

Mr. Rod Welch is a very humble and quiet man who Linda Gadson has called ? a man of vision with a
giving heart!???? Rural Mission and many volunteers present at the May 28 Seafood Jamboree joined together to express
our great appreciation for what he has meant to Rural Mission and the families we serve.?? Mr. Welch responded by
indicating the special importance of his family home to he and his family as the most essential thing for family wellbeing.
He praised the work of Rural Mission in trying to allow families and older residents to stay in their homes by making them safe and livable.?? He commended the volunteers who give to make this possible.

In 2011, Rural Mission was able to fully renovate and upgrade its volunteer housing building to a very
safe and functional condition.??Volunteer teams who have stayed there this year have been excited to
find it so welcoming and comfortable.??Most have seen it in much worse condition for this old building that
dates from the 1950-60?s.?? This would not have been possible without the generosity and vision of Mr. Welch.?? The plaque on the wall, dedicated with he and his family present,? let?s everyone know that Welch?s Manor? is a place
for volunteers seeking to serve thanks to this giving man, who truly lives out the call to personal ministry in Mathew 25:40-
?In as much as you have done unto the least??

Thank you Rod Welch from the Rural Mission family and the multitude of volunteers who will find comfort,
rest and welcome in this home provided for them at Rural Mission!