Another Special Week for South Church

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Another Special Week in Missions for South Church – United Church of Christ, Andover, Massachusetts … The week of April 20 brought to the Mission again a wonderful group of high school students and adults from Andover, Massachusetts to serve those in need. This group included 44 youth members and 12 adults. Group Leader Jonathan Drury from South Church indicated that this is at least their 15th trip to Johns Island and the Rural Mission.

They enjoyed perfect weather, fellowship and hardwork as the Spirit guided them to help others as they themselves received a blessed personal experience. They undertook many projects, but were especially skilled in floor replacement both in very needy homes and at the Mission itself in some of the older buildings. For all of this we are most grateful.

Thank you South Church for making a difference!

Getting to know the grandchildren of Nellie Boykin

Cleaning up at Emma Smith’s

Working at the Mission

Installing rebar at the Gethers’ house

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