A Statement of Faith From a Dedicated Volunteer- Jesse Allay, Virginia Tech student

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Jesse’s Story-

I was participating in missions well before I even really?knew Christ – in fact, well before I even realized that I *didn’t* know Christ. ?Looking back I realize that God uses each one of us in whatever spiritual state?we may currently be in. For even while I was wandering about in the darkness, I?was still being used by God in his greater purpose. From that personal?experience I know beyond a doubt that God has a plan and is in control. How?could he not be if I was still a part of God’s plan and was still being used to?further the kingdom even when I was an unbeliever.

As we daily fight the battle of Romans 7 (waging war against?the sin inside of us), we must seek to empower the spirit over the flesh and to?nurture the parts of our character that seek the light rather than the?darkness. There has always been a side of me that has loved service. It’s the?same side of me that seeks the light and that longs for my God. It’s also the?same side of me that draws me to service related activities like missions trips.?Missions has nurtured that God-seeking side of me. I didn’t know it, but it was?the light, the beacon off in the distance that helped lead me to Christ.

In particular, the Sea Island community and Rural Mission?has been a huge part of my overall missions experience. Starting my Sophomore?year in High School (2004), I’ve been down to the Sea Islands 14 times either?leading or participating in missions endeavors through Rural Mission. In that?time I’ve learned that construction is merely the vehicle to relationship. ?Unfortunately, there will be home repair projects for Rural Mission to take up?for years to come. If the mission is to rebuild houses, then we are failing?pretty miserably. But, our mission is not to build houses, but rather to build?relationships – with one another and with the people in the Sea Island?community. I have seen the fruit of this first hand in the relationship that?First Broad Street Church has with Rural Mission and churches on John’s Island?and Wadmalaw Island – especially Rockville Presbyterian Church. Even in my own?personal relationships, I am always eager to return to the sea islands to visit?old and dear friends.

I have also learned from my experiences in missions that?only God can really, truly, deeply satisfy you as you yearn to be satisfied. I?believe that we are all created with a God-shaped hole in our hearts and that?we instinctively seek to fill that hole. Sadly, many fill their God-shaped hole?with drugs, sex, busted relationships, you name it. Just as a round peg will?not fit in a square hole, nothing will fill your God-shaped hole except for God?himself. Isaiah 55 says “Why spend money on what is not bread and your?labor on what does not satisfy?” There are so many things in our?consumeristic, disposable society that offer quick-fixes to our need for?satisfaction. And make no mistake, they are all only temporary – they will fade?just like the flowers of the field. The only thing that will truly satisfy you?in your daily life is an intimate love relationship with Christ. Without this,?everything is ultimately fading, empty and meaningless. So now it is no wonder?that Paul said “to live is Christ and to die is gain”

In Christ,